Stuck in your house – time to clean up

Many of us are stuck in our homes because of the Coronavirus, so take advantage of the time to do some clean up. Here are some of my suggestions.

  1. Start with one room and go through every closet, drawer, etc. and get rid of (sell, donate, throw away) any item you haven’t used in years. When done with that room, move onto the next. Every member of the family can be involved.
  2. Clothes – if you haven’t worn it in two years – you aren’t going to start now, so donate it (Gospel Mission, Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.)
  3. Books – if you haven’t read them in 2 years (unless they are 1st editions) donate them to the local library so others can enjoy them
  4. Kitchen items – Pasta makers, waffle irons, all the stuff on that upper shelf you can’t reach, etc. – If you don’t use them, sell them or donate them to a needy family
  5. Clean out every junk drawer (particularly the one in the kitchen)
  6. Clean out every junk room (why do you have a room full of stuff you never use)
  7. Exercise equipment that you use as a clothes rack – if you haven’t used it in a year (unless you are recovering from an injury and will use it again) – then sell it or donate it to your next neighborhood or church garage sale
  8. Outdoor equipment – boat, canoe, kayak, paddle board, camping equipment, skis, backpacking gear – if you haven’t used it in two years – donate it to your church youth group, or a boy or girls scout troop
  9. Toys – If they are to young for your growing children or not being used at all for a variety of reasons – sanitize them and donate them to a local pre-school or day care center.
  10. Your file cabinet – full of warranties that have expired, 10 year old tax returns, old letters, etc. – clean it out
  11. All the junk under your bathroom and kitchen sinks – old sponges, expired vitamins, old disinfectants, cold medicine, etc. – throw it away
  12. Outdated spices in your kitchen – toss them and if they are expired, you probably didn’t use them enough to bother replacing them
  13. Video games and movies you haven’t played or watched for years – sell them on ebay
  14. Knick Knacks – just sitting there collecting dust – save a few for memories and let the others go (donate, sell, throw away)

Other ideas for things to do
Take time to reflect on all the things you are grateful for.

Get caught up on those books you’ve been wanting to read but could never find the time.

Spend time with your family – If the weather is nice, get out in your backyard and get some vitamin d.

Have a afternoon Corona Cinema matinee – watch some of your old movies that you haven’t seen for years but always enjoyed them.

Throw a frisbee around for a little fun and exercise.

Take care.
The guys from Flying Greetings