1. Want cleaner air? Start by planting a tree, and try car pooling instead of driving alone to work.
  2. Want cleaner water? Work with friends to clean up a section of your favorite stream or river.
  3. Want better relationships? Put down your cell phone when you’re having lunch with someone and pay attention to whoever you are with. The call can wait. So many people suffer from Attention Distraction Disorder – you’re at a restaurant talking to a friend while watching tv in the background, checking your emails or texting, and only hear half of what your friends have to say. You have so much interference in your lives (your own choice), that you’re missing the things that matter – conversations, lively debates, encouragement, and uplifting laughter. You know more about celebrities and stuff on Yahoo, then what is going on in your own brother’s lives. To paraphrase what Timothy Leary said so many years ago, it is once again time to turn off (instead of on) all the distractions in your life, tune in (to your friends and family), and drop out of this stressful rat race you’ve created. You are surrounded by endless chatter and noise, but are so lonely. Turn off your phone and go to lunch with a friend and listen. Break the habit of always having to answer every call, read and respond to every email immediately and only pay half attention to the people you are with. If you don’t make these changes, soon, you’ll only have yourself and your phone and no one to call.
  4. Want a better life? Start and end each day listing 5 things you are grateful for.
    Try to go 7 days in a row without complaining about something. It will revolutionize your life.We hope 2016 will be all you want it to be.