August 2019 wacky days

August, 2019 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

August 12
Middle Child’s Day

August 13
Left Hander’s Day

August 14
National Creamsicle Day
14/15 V-J

August 15
Relaxation Day

August 16
National Tell a Joke Day

August 17
National Honey Bee Awareness Day
National Thriftshop Day

August 19
Aviation Day
National Potato Day

August 20
National Radio Day
World Mosquito Day

August 21
National Spumoni Day
Senior Citizen’s Day

August 22
Be an Angel Day
National Tooth Fairy Day

August 25
Kiss and Make Up Day
National Banana Split Day

August 26
Women’s Equality Day
National Dog Day

August 27
Global Forgiveness Day
Just Because Day

August 29
More Herbs, Less Salt Day

August 30
Frankenstein Day
Toasted Marshmallow Day


August 31

Internaional Bacon Day

National Eat Outside Day

National Trail Mix Day



Wacky Days of July 2019

July 6

International Kissing Day

National Fried Chicken Day

July 7

Build A Scarecrow Day

Chocolate Day

National Strawberry Sundae Day

July 8

Body Painting Day

National Blueberry Day

Video Games Day

July 9

National Sugar Cookie Day

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

July 11

Cheer up the Lonely Day

July 12

Different Colored Eyes Day

Pecan Pie Day

July 13

Barbershop Music Appreciation Day

Embrace Your Geekness Day

Fool’s Paradise Day

National French Fries Day

July 14

Shark Awareness Day

July 15

Be a Dork Day

Cow Appreciation Day- Go out and give a cow a hug

Tapioca Pudding Day

July 16

Fresh Spinach Day

World Snake Day

July 17

National Hot Dog Day

Peach Ice Cream Day

July 19

National Raspberry Cake Day

July 20

National Ice Cream Soda Day

National Lollipop Day

Ugly Truck Day

July 21

National Ice Cream Day

National Junk Food Day

July 22

Hammock Day

Ratcatcher’s Day

July 24

Amelia Earhart Day

Cousins Day

Tell an Old Joke Day

July 25

Threading the Needle Day

July 26

All or Nothing Day

Aunt and Uncle Day

System Administrator Appreciation Day

July 27

National Day of the Cowboy

July 28

National Milk Chocolate Day

July 29

National Chicken Wing Day

National Lasagna Day

July 30

National Cheesecake Day

Father-in-Law Day

International Day of Friendship

July 31

Mutt’s Day


Interesting June Days

June, 2019 Special Days:
1        Flip a Coin Day

1        National Trails Day

4        Hug Your Cat Day

4        National Cheese Day

5        Hot Air Balloon Day

5        World Environment Day

6        D-Day, WWII

6        National Yo-Yo Day

7        National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

7        National Doughnut Day

8        Best Friends Day

8        World Ocean Day

9        Donald Duck Day

10      Ball Point Pen Day

10      Herb and Spices Day

10      Iced Tea Day

11      National Corn on the Cob Day

12      National Jerky Day

12      National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

12      Red Rose Day

13      National Weed Your Garden Day

13      Sewing Machine Day

14      Flag Day

14      Monkey Around Day

15      National Hollerin’ Contest Day

15      National Nature Photography Day

15      Smile Power Day

15      Global Wind Day

15      World Juggler’s Day

16      Father’s Day

17      Eat Your Vegetables Day

18      Go Fishing Day

18      International Picnic Day

18      International Sushi Day

18      National Splurge Day

19      National Kissing Day

20      Ice Cream Soda Day

20      National Bald Eagle Day

21      Go Skate Day

21      International Yoga Day

21      National Selfie Day

21      Finally Summer Day / Summer Solstice

21      Take a Road Trip Day

21      Take Your Dog to Work Day

22      National Chocolate Eclair Day

23      National Pink Day

24      Swim a Lap Day

25      Log Cabin Day

25      National Catfish Day

26      Beautician’s Day

26      Forgiveness Day

26      National Canoe Day

27      Sun Glasses Day

28      Paul Bunyan Day

29      Camera Day

29      Hug Holiday

29      International Mud Day

29      Waffle Iron Day

30      Meteor Day

Wild & wacky days in May

May, 2019 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

1      May Day

1     Mother Goose Day

2     Baby Day

2      Brothers and Sisters Day

4      Star Wars Day

5      Cinco de Mayo

5      Ramadan – begins at sundown, date varies

6      Beverage Day

6      National Nurses Day

7      National Teacher’s Day

8      V-E Day

8      World Red Cross Day / World Red Crescent Day

9      Lost Sock Memorial Day

10    Child Care Provider Day or Daycare Provider Day

10    Clean up Your Room Day

10    Military Spouses Day

11    Birth Mother’s Day

11    Eat What You Want Day

11    International Migratory Bird Day

11    National Train Day

11    National Windmill Day

11    Twilight Zone Day

12    International Nurses Day

12    Limerick Day

12    Mother’s Day

13    Frog Jumping Day

13    Leprechaun Day

14    Dance Like a Chicken Day

15    Police Officer’s Memorial Day

16    Love a Tree Day

17    National Bike to Work Day

18    Armed Forces Day

18    International Museum Day

18    No Dirty Dishes Day

18    Visit Your Relatives Day

19    Boy’s Club Day

19    World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day

21    National Memo Day

21    National Waiters and Waitresses Day

22    Buy a Musical Instrument Day

24    Don’t Fry Friday

25    International Jazz Day

25    National Missing Children’s Day

25    National Brown Bag It Day

25    National Wine Day

25    Tap Dance Day

26    Sally Ride Day

27    Memorial Day

28    Amnesty International Day

28    National Hamburger Day

30    Water a Flower Day

31    Save Your Hearing Day

31    World No Tobacco Day

March 2019 Special & Wacky Days

March, 2019 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

1        National Pig Day

1        Peace Corps Day

1        Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day

1        World Day of Prayer

1        World Compliment Day

2        Old Stuff Day

3        Caregiver Appreciation Day

3        I Want You to be Happy Day

3        If Pets Had Thumbs Day

3        National Anthem Day

3        Peach Blossom Day

4        Hug a GI Day

5        Mardi Gras  / Fat Tuesday

5        Multiple Personality Day

6        Ash Wednesday

6        Dentist’s Day

6        National Frozen Food Day

7        National Crown Roast of Pork Day

8        International (Working) Women’s Day

9        Panic Day

10      Daylight Savings begins at 2:a.m – date varies

10      International Find a Pay Phone Booth Day

10      Middle Name Pride Day

11      Johnny Appleseed Day

11      Worship of Tools Day

12      Girl Scouts Day

12      Plant a Flower Day

13      Ear Muff Day

13      Jewel Day

14      Learn about Butterflies Day

14      National Potato Chip Day

14      Popcorn Lover’s Day

15      Dumbstruck Day

16      Freedom of Information Day

16      International Sports Car Racing Day

16      National Quilting Day

17      Corned Beef and Cabbage Day

17      Submarine Day –

17      Saint Patrick’s Day

19      Poultry Day

19      Tea for Two Tuesday

20      International Earth Day

20      Extraterrestrial Abductions Day

20      Proposal Day

20      National Agriculture Day

20      Spring (Vernal) Equinox

21      Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

21      Credit Card Reduction Day

21      Fragrance Day

22      National Goof Off Day

23      Melba Toast Day

23      National Chip and Dip Day

23      National Puppy Day

24      National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

25      Pecan Day

25      Waffle Day

26      Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

26      National Spinach Day

27      National “Joe” Day

28      Something on a Stick Day

28      Weed Appreciation Day

29      National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

29      Smoke and Mirrors Day

30      I am in Control Day

30      National Doctor’s Day

30      Take a Walk in the Park Day

30      Turkey Neck Soup Day

31      Bunsen Burner Day

31      National Clam on the Half Shell Day


February Fun & Wacky Days

February 2019 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

1      Bubble Gum Day – first Friday of the month

1      National Freedom Day

1      Spunky Old Broads Day

2      Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day – first Saturday of month

2      Ground Hog Day

3      Feed the Birds Day

3      Superbowl Sunday – Superbowl 53

4      Create a Vacuum Day

4      Stuffed Mushroom Day

4      Thank a Mailman Day

5      Chinese New Years – date varies

5      National Weatherman’s Day

6      National Chopsticks Day

7      Send a Card to a Friend Day

8      Boy Scout Day – celebrates the birthday of scouting

8      Kite Flying Day – in the middle of winter!?!

9      National Pizza Day

9      Toothache Day

10    Umbrella Day

11    Clean out Your Computer Day – second Monday of Month

11    Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day

11    Make a Friend Day

11    National Inventors Day

11    White T-Shirt Day

12    Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

12    National Lost Penny Day

12    Plum Pudding Day

13    Get a Different Name Day

14    Ferris Wheel Day

14    National Organ Donor Day

14    Valentine’s Day

15    Susan B Anthony Day

17    Random Acts of Kindness Day

18    National Battery Day

18    National Drink Wine Day

18    President’s Day – third Monday of month

19    National Chocolate Mint Day

20    Cherry Pie Day

20    Love Your Pet Day

21    Card Reading Day

22    George Washington’s Birthday

22    Be Humble Day

22    International World Thinking Day

22    National Margarita Day

22    Walking the Dog Day

23    International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

23    Tennis Day

24    National Tortilla Chip Day

24    Oscar Night – date varies

26    Carnival Day

26    National Pistachio Day – it’s a nutty day!

26    Tell a Fairy Tale Day

27    Polar Bear Day

28    Public Sleeping Day

January 2019 Unusual Events in USA

We hope you start the year with lots of fun activities (including throwing your personalized frisbees around), so we thought we’d list a variety of fun days in the month of January for 2019. Celebrate as many as you want with family and friends.

1        National Hangover Day

3        Festival of Sleep Day

3        Fruitcake Toss Day

4        National Spaghetti Day

4        Trivia Day

5        National Bird Day

6        Bean Day

6        Cuddle Up Day

7        Old Rock Day

8        Bubble Bath Day

9        Play God Day

10      Houseplant Appreciation Day

10      Peculiar People Day

11      Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend’s Day

13      Make Your Dream Come True Day

14      Dress Up Your Pet Day

15      National Hat Day

16      Appreciate a Dragon Day

16      National Nothing Day

17      Ditch New Years Resolutions Day

18      Thesaurus Day

18      Winnie the Pooh Day 

19      National Popcorn Day

19      National Tin Can Day

20      National Cheese Lover Day

20      Penguin Awareness Day

21      National Hugging Day

21      Squirrel Appreciation Day

23      National Pie Day

23      National Handwriting Day

23      Measure Your Feet Day

24      Beer Can Appreciation Day

24      Compliment Day

25      Opposite Day

26      Spouse’s Day

27      Chocolate Cake Day

28      National Kazoo Day

29      National Puzzle Day

29      National Cornchip Day

31      Backward Day

31      Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

We particularly like January 4 – National Spaghetti Day,

January 6 – National Cuddle Up Day

January 13 – Make Your Dreams Come True Day

January 16 – National Nothing Day

Have a great month and happy frisbee throwing with Flying Greetings.

My Humorous Photographic Egg Book


I’ve just published, Not Eggxactly What You Eggspected. It is my humorous perspective on eggs. It was all done with photographs and photoshop and is great for some laughs. Some of the titles are The Egglectric Chair, The Real story of Hansel and Gretel, Dental Eggxamanation, the rare emu goldfish, and many others. There are a total of 62 photos in the book. Here are a few of the photos.

1t's a goalclowneggputterelectric chairfiring squadriding on the sledthe rare emu egg fishHansel leaving eggs on trail

If you’re interested in getting your own copy, visit, and you’ll see the book at the bottom of the category list. Thanks.

My favorite movies of 2017

Here are just some of the movies from 2017. Here are my top favorites.

  1. The Greatest Showman – a wonderful musical
  2. Jumaji – Welcome to the Jungle – Lots of action and lots of laughs
  3. Wonder Woman – Great story and lots of action
  4. Star Wars – The last Jedi – The saga continues and it was well done
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy – Vol. 2 – Not as good as the original, but enjoyable
  6. Murder on the Orient Express – strong story and an amazing cast
  7. Wonder – a real feel good movie
  8. Coco – Pixar magic again
  9. Thor: Ragnarok – Lots of action and enjoyable couple of hours
  10. Justice League – liked the characters, but weak story line

Worse two movies I saw in 2017

  1. Table 19 – bad, just plain bad
  2. Ghost in the Shell – terrible ending, but good special effects

Fun Things to do in the Fall

Here are some fun activities you and your family can do this fall.

Pick some apples
Prepare your garden for winter
Read – your local library is a great resource
Take a fall color drive
Build a scarecrow
Hang a wreath on your font door
Visit a haunted house
Watch birds as they migrate south
Visit a corn maze
Try geocaching – Great way to learn new areas and explore – check
Carve a pumpkin
Whale watch along the Pacific Northwest coast – whales migrating Alaska to Mexico
Make a pinecone bird feeder
Hike in the morning fog
Bake some pumpkin bread
Take a hot air balloon ride
Visit a B&B in a fall color area
Take a new family Christmas photo
Take a hayride
Roast pumpkin seeds
Have a fall canning party from your garden bounty

We hope you enjoy fall as we head into the holiday season.